Collegiate Supply Company is a new online store supplying the college bound everything they need to get equipped for college…and nothing they don’t. 

Created by Anne Coyle, an interior designer/mom who has taken two freshman (boys) to college, our online store features a meticulously curated collection of  the useful and high quality supplies every one needs to take to school…all on one website.  Before Collegiate Supply Co. this did not exist.

 Good looking, high quality and truly useful products for the college bound are difficult to find. Until now, one spent endless days, driving around town to different retailers, hunting down average and usually out of stock products.  Nights were spent on the computer searching for items online, only to become completely overwhelmed, frustrated, confused and disappointed.  But don’t stress…those days are over.  We’ve figured it out. We know exactly what you need…and what you don’t.  

So what supplies does a kid really need to go to college? We’re going to tell you…product by product.    

Collegiate Supply Co. is based in utility.  Our guiding principal is this:  if you are not going to use it, don’t bring it!   To this end, we have created “OUR LIST”.  “OUR LIST” is the definitive list of what a kid needs to take to college.  OUR LIST has been edited, re-edited and boiled down to the essentials. We have researched, examined and reexamined every product we offer. (You will notice that there are no choices. For example, we offer one mattress pad.  Why?  Because we have found the best mattress pad you can buy for a reasonable price.   All you have to do is click and add it to your cart. It’s so easy!)  OUR LIST IS THE ONLY LIST YOU NEED.  Print it and use it!

 Our process is simple.  With Collegiate Supply Co., you order everything you need on one website.  Your items are then shipped to your home or your school in a few big boxes.  Fewer, bigger boxes saves on shipping costs.  (If you live in Chicago or are coming here for school, you can also opt for local pickup and forgo the shipping costs.)  

Now for the really important part.

This is the last summer you will have with your child before they go to college.  Sending a kid to college is both exhilarating and heartbreaking.  Saying good bye is hard enough……who needs the anxiety producing, high pressured, never ending “scavenger hunt from hell”?  Would you rather spend the little time you have left together dragging him through stores or relaxing and having fun?   Do not spend these last months stressed out, frustrated and overwhelmed. You don’t have to.

At Collegiate Supply Co., our mission is to send kid to college well equipped and prepared. When you are prepared, you feel confident.  When you feel confident, you are successful.

That is our job.  That is what we do.

Let’s make it a soft landing.